Choosing Flooring

Choosing flooring is not an easy feat. There are so many different options and prices to consider.

We finally got around to securing our floors over the weekend. The other half hates spending his days off doing house stuff – whereas I could do it day in and day out. Anyway, I told him if he came with me he could do whatever he wanted for the rest of the day – uninterrupted! This was clearly an offer too good to pass up, because he obliged and we got the job done.

** On the way home we had to stop at JB HIFI and get a new Xbox game so he could play it all afternoon. I’m not sure who won this one. But at least we have our floors :|**

There are so many options when it comes to choosing flooring – tiles, laminate, timber, engineered timber, vinyl planking and carpet to name a few.

First things, first!

Before even entering a flooring store, I would suggest looking at multiple photos and working out exactly the look you’re after. Visiting display homes is also a great way to get inspiration. Being able to see the flooring in an actual house and not just on a small sample swatch really helps you visualise how your floors will look.


Spotted Gum via Webb Brown Neaves


Spotted Gum – via Dale Alcock


Blackbutt Hardwood flooring via

For the coastal / scandic vibe we’re trying to achieve with our home, we wanted a light and natural looking timber. When we saw Spotted Gum, we knew that was what we wanted.  I also love the look of Blackbutt, but Josh preferred the variance in colour and more natural look that you get with the spotted gum species.

To add to the natural, coastal & scandic vibe – I bought this Jute Rug from Adairs to go in the living room.


Home Republic – natural round rug from Adairs

For carpet, whilst I love the look of a lighter coloured carpet – I think a darker carpet is going to be more practical. Plus, I love the look of dark carpet, with white trims.


Carpet Inspo via Quest Carpets

Our Selections

    Engineered Timber: Universal Flooring – Spotted Gum – EKO Range – Matte Finish
Carpet: The Solutions collection in Brendan Shale

We went through Carpet Call – Rockingham, and honestly, can not fault their customer service. We started off in the O’Connor store, but spoke to a Rockingham rep, he let us know the HIA Home Show was on at the Convention Centre. So after getting a quote from him, we decided to sit on it and go to the Home Show to compare prices with other suppliers. We had a chat to a couple of other suppliers at the show, but ended up visiting the Carpet Call stand, where we were offered an additional $500 off and we managed to score the platinum underlay. All up, we paid roughly $110 per square metre for the timber, including installation and all trimmings (scotia etc). Our carpet came to $48 per square metre, including the top of the range underlay and installation.

Floor Envy!

We considered Vinyl Planking as it’s a lot more cost effective and it’s apparently very durable. I love the picture below via Elise’s  Instagram @leopard_inthenight. But unfortunately, we couldn’t find a colour that we both loved to suit the look we were trying to achieve.

Leopard in the night

Source: Vinyl Planking via Instagram @leopard_inthenight

Another floor I absolutely LOVE, is Johannes Blackbutt via House By The Water! They are honestly perfection and the Solver Kitty Grey paint Joh has used throughout her home makes them pop even more! See more snapshots of her home via Instagram.


Blackbutt via House By the Water


  1. Don’t be afraid to negotiate (I sit back and watch Josh do this and then I re-read all the fine print – it’s a team effort, haha).
  2. Ask for a better deal! There are so many suppliers, they want your business and will come down on price to get it.
  3. Once they have given you a deal you’re happy with, ask them to throw in the best underlay for free.
  4. Make sure everything that was discussed is written on the final invoice.
  5. With flooring installation, the floor has to be level or at least within tolerance for them to lay the floors. Most new builds are okay, but sometimes the floors do need to be levelled. Our rep has offered to come with us to PCI (Practical Completion Inspection), to check the floors. If they are not okay – we will make sure the builder rectifies them before handover.
  6. Ask for samples of your selections. This will help with matching furniture and paint colours. Our rep didn’t have samples for us on hand, but offered to drop it to our house during the week – fantastic service!

We are really happy with our flooring choices and excited to see the finished product!


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