House Progress: 7 months from slab down

Seven months, did you say? Honestly, where has the time gone?

We bought our block in June 2014, and then waited another year for titles. We were “slabbed” in July 2015 and I’m really hoping we are in by June / July this year. So all up, it will be a 2 year process – far out! I know it will be worth it, but patience is really not my virtue and we are itching to be in our own house now.

View from the front!

View from the front!

Progress on the house this year has been very, very slowwww and not without a few issues. Our slab was the first to go down in our street by a good couple of months and now people are almost ready to move in! It’s kind of funny, in a crazy, hysterical way.. My boyfriend keeps telling me to calm my farm and that we will be in soon enough.

Building this house has been overall, a good experience and I am so grateful we are in a position to be able to build a home that we can enjoy and appreciate for many years to come. But far out, I didn’t expect it to be such a tedious process.
You really have to be on the ball at all times and check every single, little thing. It’s definitely serving as a learning experience for the both of us and I am getting really good at writing “firm” emails, although transcending that tone of “firmness” over the phone, is still a skill I am yet to acquire.. I leave the talking to the other half whilst I stick to being the ‘key board warrior’.

So for the issues, because I want this blog to capture the whole building journey, not just the fun parts and the shopping!
*disclaimer – re-reading the below, I sound like a whinging customer from hell – oops! But then I remember it’s our hard earned money so they should be doing a good job*

  • Our builder sent us a progress payment for our grey float (the internal render), upon checking on the works prior to authorising the payment – we were shocked to see no grey float? After a “firm” email to the builder, they acknowledged their mistake and were apologetic. The invoice was retracted and the works were completed a week later.
  • Air conditioner dramas. We paid a small fortune to have ducted air conditioning completed through the builder. This was strongly advised at contract stage as the roof space with the upper floor is limited. So to ensure a seamless finish the air-con needed to be installed during the build. We accepted this, but what we weren’t going to accept was the aircon piping in one of the upstairs wardrobes. Their solution was to put a box around it, meaning we would lose almost half the wardrobe space – NO DEAL, and this was not on the plans!!!! The OH ended up meeting with the supervisor and basically told them this was a non-negotiable item and to fix it. They reluctantly agreed, though we are yet to see the rectification – so fingers crossed it’s all okay this week.
  • Windows are damaged – although I think this is pretty common and may have just been added to my list when I was raging about the two above items. The builder has agreed to fix this and check every other window for damage.
  • And a few other items that are now being fixed so not really worth a mention. But the lesson of the above is – check everything and DO NOT back down. You’re spending hard earned money on a house and it should be be built to perfection – or at least close enough.

So now that we are over that hump. Onto the progress that has been made on the house, including:

  • Grey float finished – for real this time!
  • Ceilings installed (upstairs only – downstairs can’t be done until the air-con issue is fixed)
  • Upstairs walls installed
  • Electrical complete
  • White set started!
White set has started!

White set has started!

IMG_9109 IMG_9110

A few more photos from the camera roll!

I’ve been particularly good on the homeware buying front this month. But I did pick up these gorgeous european cushions from Adairs.

Adairs Cushion Covers

Adairs Mercer + Reid Winter Dawn European Cushion Covers x 2


Solver Floral White as seen in the Aster by Ben Trager Homes

Solver Floral White as seen in the Aster by Ben Trager Homes. This was one of the paints on my short-list last year and I’ve come back to it after seeing it in the above photos. I’ve never known anyone to obsess over shades of white / grey paint as much as I do. #PAINTQUEEN

I LOVE this letterbox set up via 101 Residential and how gorgeous is the cobblestone-look paving through the aggregate driveway and up to the portico.

Letter box and stone inspo via the new 101 Residential Display in Coogee, Ocean Road Estate.


Plant inspo for outside our kitchen splash back window.

Plant inspo for outside our kitchen splash back window.

Vinyl Plank Flooring. Has anyone used this? We have our hearts set on Spotted Gum wood floors, but after seeing the vinyl in a display on the weekend - I don't mind it.

Vinyl Plank Flooring. Has anyone used this? We have our hearts set on Spotted Gum wood floors, but after seeing the vinyl in a display on the weekend – I don’t mind it.

I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that the next post will be about lock up!



House Progress: colorbond moment

So we finally had our second colorbond moment this week!

lower roof, building

I’m so happy with how it’s all starting to come together. I love our roof colour choice (colorbond surf mist) and our render (solver vitesse).

Our builder also managed to complete our electrical variation. I’m much happier with the height of our pendant light switches now. They will sit just above our bedside tables.

bedside pendants

Our house has two huge west facing windows in our main living area. I know this is terrible for our energy rating (we will have to invest in some decent block out blinds and plant deciduous trees outside), but I absolutely LOVE the natural light that we will get. The photo below is of our living room with the  afternoon sun pouring through the window.


We have had a couple of hiccups lately:

  1. The builder installed an additional bulkhead in our kitchen. We already have a dropped ceiling at 28c (the remainder of the house is 31c)  in the kitchen, but for some reason they put another one above the splash back window at 25c. We notified the builder straight away and they are making sure this is removed.
  2. We added a number of light bayonets to our build. You only get one light per habitable room as standard and down lights through the builder are crazy expensive. So we thought we would include additional bayonets and then swap out for down lights post handover. However, the builder installed the bayonets on the ceiling joists, which meant we wouldn’t be able to change them over afterwards! Fortunately, they agreed to move them all. So we went to the house and marked on the slab with spray paint where they need to move each light.

With all our electrical and plumbing complete, we’re hoping for grey float (internal render) this week and then white-set (internal plastering) after that. Soon after, we should be at lock up, which is bittersweet; it means we are closer to handover, but it also means we won’t be able to walk through our house whenever we want.

Photos from the camera roll

A few more photos from the camera roll over the last couple of weeks

I’d been eyeing off the reversible linen quilt cover from Target, but when I went to the store, I fell in love with the Cooper Quilt cover ($89 for a Queen and $99 for a King).

Target Reversible Linen Quilt Cover

Target Reversible Linen Quilt Cover

Target Cooper Quilt Cover

Target Cooper Quilt Cover

I also went to IKEA and bought a few more MOSSEBO frames. The large one is 61 x 91cm and is only $40! Link to the frames is here.

Ikea MOSSEBO frames

Ikea MOSSEBO frames

And I almost bought more Country Road cushions with their current spend & save promotion. If you spend $150 you get $50 off, and if you spend $300 you get $100 off!

Country Road Cushions

Country Road Cushions

Until next time!