Shopping Madness!

With the shut-down period over Christmas and no house progress + all the sales, I went a little crazy on the homeware buying… So crazy, I now can’t eat for the rest of the month.. Haha, not quite that bad – but almost.


KMART! Who else loves K-MART? I really need to stop buying everything before my future house looks like the catalog. But it’s so hard when they are forever bringing out new homewares that are on trend and most importantly, super affordable.

I follow a few K-MART obsessed pages on Instagram so I always know what the latest stock is.

A few of my favourite accounts are:

  1. @thekmartdiaries
  2. @the_kmart_forecast
  3. @kmaraus_inspire
  4. @kmart_bargains

My latest K-MART haul can be seen via my Polyvore feed below:

Kmart Haul!



I also caved and bought the Janina Throw Rug from Country Road. I already have the two cushions so really, really wanted the rug. They had 30% off and I received a voucher for Christmas so it was totally justifiable..


And a little less exciting, we bought a dishwasher! We managed to score a bargain with $700 off the RRP.


LG – LD1484T4


I’ve also changed my mind for the 200th time on a potential sofa for the living room. I am steering away from a chaise lounge and instead lusting over the 3 seater Dahlia from Freedom with the matching Ottoman.

Living room


I hope everyone else managed to pick up a few bargains over the Christmas break!



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