House Progress and the dreaded variation #1

I knew it would happen sooner or later. No matter how organised and prepared we were, a variation was going to make its way onto our build contract. At $500 a pop, just to raise the variation, it really has to be justified.

When we did pre-start we tried our best to keep the costs down by making sure most of our upgrades were included at pre-contract stage. However, the electrical changes had to be done at pre-start. I have absolutely no idea about the electrical side of things, or structural for that matter, so this was left to Josh! We added what we thought would be enough and made sure GPO’s (powerpoints) were placed on walls that Josh could then chase later (totally not the right terminology, but I have no clue about any of this…). Fast forward 6 months and after 101 jobs have been added to Josh’s “post handover list” we decided that we may as well add all the electrical we need to ease the amount Josh has to do afterwards. Plus, being a two-storey the lower floor has limited access to the roof space, so we really need to get all of this right at construction stage.

I really wish WA builders would wait until the house is at plateheight before they make you decide on your electrical plan. That way, you would be able to walk through the house and really get an idea where you need everything.

What we added.:

  • pendant light switch height  – I forgot to specify the height we wanted these, so they’re at 1400mm H which looks ridiculous. We’ve moved them down to 900H so they will sit just above our bedside tables.
  • hallway powerpoint – for the vacuum / a lamp on our entry table.
  • powerpoint in garage for power tools (high pressure cleaner for washing cars etc).
  • Front exterior lights.
  • An outdoor light near the clothesline! How will Josh see when he is hanging out our washing?? Haha, just kidding – this will be a pink job for sure.
  • more GPO’s (powerpoints) throughout – I think we added 10 more in total.
  • ceiling fan conduit in the master bedroom – this is a must so we don’t have to use the aircon as often!
  • added conduit and faceplates in the theatre + a GPO on the roof for the projector.

Our variations came to $1800 including the $500 variation fee (OUCH!). But I think we will be glad we spent the money and had everything ready for when we move in.

House Progress:

Here’s a few photos of our build from the camera roll this week.


Our colorbond was delivered, so I’m hoping for lower roof cover by the end of next week.


Double Shower – Woohoo! Can’t wait to see all the wet areas complete – I think that will be one of the most exciting parts of the build.


Kitchen (window splashback) and Scullery / WIP to the left


Dining / Alfresco


My favourite part of our house – the huge entry door!

I’ve just realised I haven’t got any photos of upstairs… I will try and get some next week when the lower floor roof is finished.


My Favourite Blogs

A few of my favourites are below.

I LOVE this blog. I stumbled across Gina’s blog when I was searching for the “perfect” white paint.. Make sure you check out this post if you need a little guidance.

I found Kate’s blog via her Instagram page. Her home & styling is amazing and her vignettes are to die for!

I started following Johanna’s blog mid-way through her build. Her home is STUNNING! Be sure to check out Johanna’s daily inspiration images.

Johanna recently found my blog and after checking hers out, I can’t wait to follow her building journey. It’s so helpful to be able to resonate with others on the same journey.

I love this house. The interior styling is impeccable and right up my alley. Be sure to check out the selections post here.

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The next two blogs aren’t really interiors related but definitely needed to be mentioned as I am a frequent reader.

Andee’s blog was where my love for blogs began. I started following her blog about 3.5 years ago. Her style is impeccable; both dress wise and in her home. She also has the two most adorable kids that will make your ovaries burst!

I stumbled across this blog by pure luck when reading MAC makeup reviews. Turns out the blogger wears the same MAC shade as I do – NC35!

I follow all the above blogs via BlogLovin so I can view all their updated posts in one central location.

I would love to follow more blogs, so if you have any suggestions or have a blog of your own, please comment below.



Shopping Madness!

With the shut-down period over Christmas and no house progress + all the sales, I went a little crazy on the homeware buying… So crazy, I now can’t eat for the rest of the month.. Haha, not quite that bad – but almost.


KMART! Who else loves K-MART? I really need to stop buying everything before my future house looks like the catalog. But it’s so hard when they are forever bringing out new homewares that are on trend and most importantly, super affordable.

I follow a few K-MART obsessed pages on Instagram so I always know what the latest stock is.

A few of my favourite accounts are:

  1. @thekmartdiaries
  2. @the_kmart_forecast
  3. @kmaraus_inspire
  4. @kmart_bargains

My latest K-MART haul can be seen via my Polyvore feed below:

Kmart Haul!



I also caved and bought the Janina Throw Rug from Country Road. I already have the two cushions so really, really wanted the rug. They had 30% off and I received a voucher for Christmas so it was totally justifiable..


And a little less exciting, we bought a dishwasher! We managed to score a bargain with $700 off the RRP.


LG – LD1484T4


I’ve also changed my mind for the 200th time on a potential sofa for the living room. I am steering away from a chaise lounge and instead lusting over the 3 seater Dahlia from Freedom with the matching Ottoman.

Living room


I hope everyone else managed to pick up a few bargains over the Christmas break!