House Progress: We have a roof!

We were pleasantly surprised with the progress of our build this month.  Our colorbond roof was installed and our scaffolding came down! The lower roof framing is also complete, along with the internal electrical and plumbing run in.


With the Christmas break now upon us, our build will be paused until mid January. We have been advised that the following will start in the new year:

– Lower Roof Cover, Tubes and Internal Float

With the house actually looking like a house now, we have finally taken the plunge and started buying furniture. We put a deposit on the modular lounge below from Harvey Norman. This will go in the theatre room. I would have loved it in the stone colour, but it really isn’t practical. So we opted for the “licorice” instead. The only prerequisite we had for the theatre lounge was that it had to be big and comfy. I think this ticks both of those boxes!




Manhattan Modular – Harvey Norman

After searching everywhere for a solid wood dining table that would comfortably seat 8 and not cost thousands, we decided we would make one ourselves (well, my bf will be making it. I supervise!). We sourced the Marri Wood from Timber Traders in Fremantle and the steel from a supplier in Fremantle too.

We initially thought we could make it for less than $1200, but it turns out solid wood is damn expensive! All up, it will come to approximately $1600 for a 2400 mm long x 1050 mm wide table. This is still significantly less than what we would have paid  in a store and I know we will appreciate it a lot more having made it ourselves.

Steel legs which have since been powdercoated in matte black

Steel legs which have since been powder-coated in matte black

Marri Wood Table Top - in progress! It has since been cut and sanded.

Marri Wood Table Top – in progress! It has since been cut and sanded.

Love the character in the wood!

Love the character in the wood!

Stay tuned for the finished product!