House Progress: Plate Height & Roof Trusses

Our house is finally beginning to look like an actual house. There has been lots of progress in the last few weeks.

We reached plate height on the 22nd September and we now have our upper floor trusses and scaffolding installed ready for the upper slab pour scheduled for early next week.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area

Living Area

Living Area

The trusses have made a huge difference to the house and has definitely made the space seem a lot bigger. Initially I struggled to grasp the size of our living area, however, now that we can actually walk through the house, I am pleasantly surprised at how much space we actually have downstairs and can’t wait to see it all come together. My Mum has already wished me luck with the task of cleaning the house…haha. Although, in the short term we will only be living downstairs as it’s only the minor bedrooms upstairs. So at least I can ease into it, right?

Front view with upper floor scaffolding



I have also been adding to our over-flowing house glory box. I figure it’s better to buy the smaller items as I see them and when they’re on sale instead of waiting until we are in the house and have to spend money on the bigger items. Adairs is my weakness at the moment, and I finally caved and bought the Home Republic Vintage Washed Linen Coverlet I had been eyeing-off for a while. The other half also bought a lawn mower…. My purchases are a lot more exciting, though his may be a little more practical..

Adairs - Vintage Washed Linen Coverlet

Adairs – Vintage Washed Linen Coverlet


So far the build is going really smoothly and we are very happy with the workmanship. We had one minor issue with our alfresco pillar brickwork however it was rectified.

The next steps in the construction process are:

  • Upper floor concrete slab – early next week
  • Upper wall and roof frames – delivery late next week
  • Upper floor EPS cladding and render
  • Upper floor roof cover

Judging by other BT builds the above should be complete in approximately 6 weeks. Our first meeting with our Site Supervisor is also next week, so I am looking forward to discussing the progress of our build with him.


Wall art on a budget – free wall prints to download

In my next life I will have a money tree that actually blooms. Until then, DIY is my best friend.

We have quite a few walls in our new house – meaning lots of space for beautiful art and prints. I love the idea of wall prints as they are relatively cheap and can easily be interchanged depending on your style and mood. All you need is an IKEA Ribba Frame and a printer and then “ta-da” you have wall art!

If you know how to use Photoshop / Illustrator you can create your own vector images and textures to produce your own prints. If you don’t, well there are plenty of online stores ( selling prints. Try searching #wallprints on Instagram and Pinterest to get ideas of what you want.

I had a go at creating a few of my own in Photoshop and I’m sharing the love by providing a free A4 downloadable version of three of my prints. See download links below and let me know what you think!

Geo TriangleHA wall art


Free Downloadable Wall Prints

House Amour  – Do What You Love – Wall Print –  Free Download Here

Do What You Love

House Amour – Diamond Geo – Wall Print –  Free Download Here

Geo Diamond

House Amour – Geo Marble – Wall Print –  Free Download Here

Geo Marble

And just an FYI – the Ikea Ribba Frame Size 30 x 40cm fits an A4 print.

Happy downloading! 🙂