Budget friendly furniture

I have been slack with the posts lately – the last few weeks seem to have flown by! Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about our build progress. It has now been 6 weeks since our bricklayers commenced.. and we still haven’t reached plate height. Or at least, we haven’t been notified. However, a little birdy drove past today and confirmed that they have indeed finished, so we should receive notification soon.

A trip to Melbourne for work kept me well and truly pre-occupied so I haven’t spent too much time dwelling over how long the bricks have taken.

We have also spent a lot of time browsing for furniture and appliances for the new home. Luckily, the OH and I have the same taste in things, so there is rarely arguments. The only thing we butt heads on, is pricing! He thinks I have “champagne taste on a passion pop budget” and I am constantly being reminded that this is our first house…So it looks like the $600+ pendant light from Beacon Lighting is now out of the picture.

So that leads me to budget friendly furniture..

On the weekend we were pleasantly surprised by the range offered at Fantastic Furniture and the price point. We especially liked that you could choose any fabric and they would custom make the lounge to suit.

We really liked the Retro Package (pictured below and it is only $2,500 for everything you see!). However, whilst I love package deals from a cost perspective, I am not a fan of “matchy matchy” furniture so whilst the package concept is great, we explored the idea of perhaps just getting the two couches, buffet and coffee table. We can then find a dining table and TV unit that ties in with our style, but isn’t exactly the same elsewhere. The sales rep said our choices could still be put together in a package to save money, which is great to know!

Retro Package from Fantastic Furniture

Retro Package from Fantastic Furniture

Of course I had to race home and put together a mood board on Polyvore of what we had just seen..

Living Room Inspo


I’m still not 100% sold on the couches as we are really after something a bit more “loungey & comfortable”. Ideally, we want a chaise and I am still lusting over the Adara from Nick Scali (pictured below).

Nick Scali - Adara

Nick Scali – Adara

We still have months to choose our furniture so I am open to any suggestions on where to go in Perth.

I’m yet to check out:

and of course I constantly browse:

  • Freedom
  • Nick Scali
  • IKEA
  • K-Mart
  • Super A-Mart

Online furniture stores I love are:

What furniture stores do you love?