House Progress: Bricks have commenced!


Progress has been great ever since our slab went down! Although, after waiting so long for titles, anything feels like progress. We even got excited when the portaloo was delivered to site..

Our slab went down on the 22nd July and bricks were delivered on the 7th August. Our bricklayers commenced on the 11th August and we were notified by our builder that it will take approximately 3-4 weeks. So hopefully we are at plate height by the 8th September.

Unfortunately, our site still isn’t energised so we are having to pay for the use of a generator as a variation. It was either this or hold up the build, which we weren’t prepared to do. Especially when our builder made sure all our admin was complete prior to settlement so upon settlement the construction phase could start. It is extremely frustrating as you would think when buying a block of land, all services would be in place.. To make matters worse, we can’t even contact Western Power directly to ask for an ETA for energisation as the project is under the developer’s name.

So a piece of advice when buying land off the plan – check your contract of sale! As ours clearly states that the land may or may not be energised at time of settlement. If it wasn’t in there, we could of passed on the cost of generator to the developer.

Anyway, I digress, as that is about the only negative to the build at this time. Everything else is going really well. We still visit the block at least 2-3 times a week and we have friends who live nearby who regularly provide updates, which is awesome.

A few photos of the build so far:




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3 thoughts on “House Progress: Bricks have commenced!

  1. andyrach says:

    It’s strange that the estate has street lights but no power to your land….
    My build is similar, I wonder if we will also need to supply a generator.


    • ASHLEE says:

      Hey 🙂
      Yeah I know it’s so frustrating but apparently WP does it in stages. Stage 1 of the estate was submitted first, we bought in stage 2!
      Where are you building?


      • andyrach says:

        We are building in Sydney but our land is not sure to register until Oct/Nov.
        Our block is similar size to yours too…
        I am looking forward to following your journey, we have similar taste!

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