It has been longer than a year since we bought the block and now we finally have a slab! It was really exciting to finally see some progress. It cemented (pun intended) that this was actually our house and one day soon we will be living here!

Our builder was really proactive and ensured all the admin work was completed before we received titles (which were delayed). Once our block settled our builder submitted our plans to council and sent our file to construction for scheduling. Five weeks after settlement we were slabbed 🙂

First impressions were the same most people building a new home have – “It’s too small”! We even got the tape measure out to be certain – and guess what? Yep, it’s the right size.

Looking at the slab from the left-hand side of the houseView from the back of the block to the road front
Top Image – View from the left hand side of the house
Bottom Image – View from the back of the block

We’re really happy with the amount of “side” yard we have. It’s not a massive space by any means, but it is enough for a nice bit of grass / outdoor area which a lot of newer estates in Perth don’t have.

The only aspects we are concerned about is the placement of the garage and the side access for the OH’s boat. This was about the only must have when choosing a design and it limited our options a lot! We didn’t take into account the retaining wall so may have underestimated the space needed… The OH still has hope it might “just” fit. If not, it will definitely fit inside the garage given the extra space created by the store room.

View our plan here

The second aspect is the entry hallway. I think we’ve made it too narrow 😦 Time will tell. Overall though we are really happy with the layout and can’t wait to see it come together. Estimated finished time is 45-50 weeks from slab down. So fingers crossed everything goes to plan and we have keys to our new home in June / July next year.

Did anyone else have any second thoughts when they saw their slab? 


4 thoughts on “SLABBED!

  1. carmlas says:

    Yep I agree, the entry looks fine! When the bricks go up you’ll still feel like everything’s smaller than it should be, and then when it gets plastered it suddenly looks big and you’ll breathe a big sigh of relief 🙂 Congrats on your slab!


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