The Homeone Forum!

The Homeone Forum has been my “building bible”! With this being our first home and our first build, we really had little to no idea of the whole process.

I initially used the forum to find others building in the Ocean Road Estate. We actually ended up finding our next door neighbours, as well as others building in our estate and the nearby Eliza Ponds.

I then used it to search various reviews of the builders we were considering. Although, I must add, this isn’t the best way to form an definitive opinion on a builder, as there is a very small percentage of customers on the forum, and most people tend to go to a public forum to complain, not to boast about what was great in their build. But nonetheless, it was helpful to see insights into real builds and read the journey’s of like minded people.

I also used the forum to search for more information on building in general; contracts, 6 star energy ratings and the national broadband network. Thanks to Home One, I now know what conduit is, the importance of where you place your GPO’s and how the orientation of your block means EVERYTHING.

The forum has so many threads with helpful hints and tips for building your home. I incorporated a number of ideas from the forum into our house plan, and I’m still finding more… (although it’s too late to add anything now!). One of my favourite threads is the “things you forgot to include in your build”. A link is here.

If you’re interested in our building journey, you can follow our build thread here.


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